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Floor leveling screws - type K

Material PE, black
Usable screw length each approx. 5 mm less

Ø = plate Ø
h = plate height

Item no. Ø x h foot gxl
K20861 20x8 M6x15 Request
K20862 20x8 M6x20 Request
K20882 20x8 M8x20 Request
K20810 20x8 M10x20 Request
K24861 24x8 M6x15 Request
K24862 24x8 M6x20 Request
K24882 24x8 M8x20 Request
K24883 24x8 M8x30 Request
K24884 24x8 M8x40 Request
K24885 24x8 M8x50 Request
K24812 24x8 M10x20 Request
K24813 24x8 M10x30 Request
K24814 24x8 M10x40 Request
K24815 24x8 M10x50 Request
K34882 34x8 M8x20 Request
K34883 34x8 M8x30 Request
K34884 34x8 M8x40 Request
K34885 34x8 M8x50 Request
K34812 34x8 M10x20 Request
K34813 34x8 M10x30 Request
K34814 34x8 M10x40 Request
K34815 34x8 M10x50 Request
K45015 45x8 M10x50 Request
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Floor leveling screws round - type K
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