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Customized manufacturing - according to drawing or sample

There is hardly a branch of industry in which molded rubber parts are not used and the variety of shapes, colors and applications knows no bounds. Our customers can be found in almost all industrial sectors and, in addition to standardized parts, we also supply technical molded rubber parts according to your drawing templates or your samples. All common elastomer qualities are processed. In order to be able to advise you optimally, whether during the development of a product, in the selection of a suitable material or in the preparation of a quotation, the following information may be helpful:

8 | Rubber moldings


  • Functional description
  • Operating conditions
  • Operating temperature
  • Stresses - mechanical or chemical in nature
  • Weather influences etc.
  • New part or already series part
  • Tool already available if necessary

We already supply to a wide variety of industries:
buffers, gaskets, equipment feet, bellows, flanges, grommets, caps, plugs, diaphragms, handles, rubber balls, rings, sleeves, etc.

With pleasure we expect your inquiries !

We not only produce molded parts according to customers' requirements, but also profiles, rubber-metal compounds, hollow springs and many other parts.