Insulating plate NBR

Vibration damping rubber plates with profile on one or both sides

Produced from high quality nitrile rubber (NBR) in various hardnesses to achieve desired loads, natural frequencies and insulation efficiencies. Excellent resistance to oils and chemicals.

Elastic material with high shock and vibration insulation capacity.

Item no. Bel. N/mm² s Bel. kg/cm²
NBR-70-8 T2 1.5 8 15 Request
NBR-70-15 T2 1.5 15 15 Request
NBR-70-25 T2 1.5 25 15 Request
NBR-70-5 P1 1.5 5 15 Request
NBR-70-15 P1 1.5 15 15 Request
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Vibration damping plates, anti-skid plates
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